Quick Start Guide

Introducing the Lloyd's Development Portal, some background context, and useful hints on where to start and what to read next.

Welcome to the Lloyd’s API Developer Portal, a site dedicated to providing all the information and tools necessary for implementing and adopting our new APIs, intended to get data flowing across the market.

We are determined to make this resource as useful as possible to achieve the following:

  • To drive down implementation effort
  • To drive up adoption
  • To lower the barrier to entry for all interested parties

We hope you enjoy this tool. Your feedback is important to us, we will be releasing a feedback form soon so keep an eye on the homepage for accouncements. We look forward to hearing your feedback as we grow a community of API developers.

Let’s get connected.

Our Recommended Reads

There is a lot of information on this site, so to get you started more quickly, we recommend visiting the following areas:

Placing API – Submission and Quote V1:


Overview of the business context and a suggested developer journey of recommended activities to get started with.

Placing API – Submission and Quote V1:


Familiar with Swagger views and want to jump straight in? This is the page for you, with linked content to the modelled layers to explain further.

Placing API – Submission and Quote V1:


Layer models to explain the API in detail; Business Process Model, Interaction Model, Information Model, Behavioural Model, Technical Model.

The Developer Experience

We have designed the site to be mindful of the developer experience. This site is intended to be rich in detail, providing a variety of material to support developers in getting the most out of the portal.

The core aspects of the site are developer focused:

  • We have provided diagrams and explanations to enhance a quicker understanding of a complex topic.
  • Detailed content has been grouped together in sections – we’ve removed tabs and other lazy loads to support searching for specific content on each page using Ctrl+F (Cmd+F).
  • Site structure has been flattened, navigation simplified, and a context-driven right-hand menu of quick links introduced.
  • A swagger like view has been adopted to provide a familiar experience on key aspects of the information.
  • Key information has been included through a number of layered views, from the Business Model to the Technical Model.

Our approach on progressing adoption of these APIs, has been introduced on our Registration and Onboarding section. We have also released a short video to explain this process further. Please check the bottom of the Get Started page to find the video.

Remember we will be making regular updates. Check back on the announcements section on the homepage to keep up to date with what is new.

The Developer Journey To Production

The high-level sequential journey for LIMOSS onboarding leading to Production is presented below. Each step of this journey builds on the previous one.

Lloyd's API Factory team.