High Level Delivery Roadmap – Sharing our ambitions for enhancing the APIs and the Developer Portal.

We have been encouraged by the Market to publish ASAP so that users can familiarise themselves with the growing toolset, whilst we enhance the content further. With your support we hope to continue with this approach. We have therefore given this site a BETA classification to clearly indicate that the site itself remains under development, as follows:

  • We are expanding the core site features and adding layer to layer navigation;
  • We are adding video explainers, tools, and source code; and
  • We are encouraging feedback and suggestions as the Market puts the site to good use and supports it maturity through consistent use.

Source Code & Postman Scripts

Provides the business context and suggests a developer journey of recommended activities to get started with.

Explainer Videos

Whether you’re new to placing, or want more technical details, we’re providing a series of video shorts on a number of topics.

Demo UI & Intelligent Test Harness

Introducing a fully working demo (with source code) that drives the API and the producing platform headlessly.

The Lloyd’s API Developer Portal is a new initiative for Lloyd’s, and we are aiming high. Through a series of planned enhancements, we are targeting a rich developer experience. For clarity, the formal API specifications are fixed and under formal version control, whilst the tools and supporting information will be enhanced, broadly in line with our roadmap which is provided below.

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal will continue to deliver updates, such as:

  • Continuous content improvements and site functionality;
  • New content as more APIs become available; and
  • Suggestions and feedback updates.

Short Term

  • Enhance the Lloyd’s Developer Portal with Code Snippets next to the Swagger details with additional Tx/Rx samples.
  • Continue to enhance the Lloyd’s Developer Portal with guidance and explainer videos addressing specific aspects of the API.
  • Continued Market engagement & support for Early Adopters and the capturing of feedback for our backlog.
  • Commencement of security simplification in order to make authentication quicker to implement.
  • Enhance the Lloyd’s Developer Portal with the initial release of the Project Management guidance pack.

Mid Term

  • Continue to support PPL in determining and delivering the next phase of business scope.
  • Enhance the Lloyd’s Developer Portal with our hosted Intelligent Test Harness and Test Client available.
  • Enhance the Lloyd’s Developer Portal with our hosted Instrumentation & Diagnostics service.
  • Improvements to streamline and integrated on-boarding into the SIT/PreProd environments for testing against PPL.
  • Continued Market engagement & support for Early Adopters and the capturing of feedback for our backlog.
  • Continue security simplification project for quicker implementetion of authentication.