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General Information

Our Development Portal is a digital documentation platform with the objective to initiate and accelerate developers’ engagement with Lloyd's APIs. We hope the Portal will provide external parties with tools to discover and consume APIs.
No, you do not have to. However, to fully benefit from the tools, resources and other guides available on the Portal to support your adoption of the Lloyd's APIs, it is highly recommended.

To register, check out the Registration and Onboarding page.
We are continuously introducing new features and services on the Development Portal and strive to inspire you with tools to accelerate business in the Lloyd's Market. Check out the API Catalogue to learn which APIs are available today, and will be in the near future.

For more information about our short term and medium term enhancement plans please refer to the Roadmap.
For an enhanced browsing experience, we recommended that this Portal is explored using the latest internet browser version from a desktop/laptop-based computer system.

This Portal has been tested for its aesthetics, functionality and usability across a number of different browsers, operating systems and devices. Although every effort has been made to ensure a consistent browsing experience with any combination of device, operating system or internet browser, there may be a few areas where this does not meet our standards. Where this occurs, every effort will be made to resolve at the earliest opportunity.
General news and announcements for API users are shared via the Portal Homepage Announcements section, so check back regularly to see what is going on.

For API standard specific updates and announcements, i.e. Placing API - Submission and Quote v1, see the Key Details page for specific updates. This page will include the latest API release notes, endpoint information, as well as an overview of the new features, enhancements and fixes.
We have not yet introduced such capabilities to the Portal where registered users can be alerted to specific API updates that they are subscribed to.

Announcements are currently published in two areas on the Portal:
(1) General announcements will be shown on the Portal Homepage; and
(2) API Standard specific announcements will be available on the specific Key Details page of the API Standard. For example, to see the API updates for Placing Submission and Quote, check out the Key Details page.
As a Portal that is designed to mature in its use over time to suit the needs of the London Market, we value the feedback and API changes recommended by its users. All suggestions can be provided from our Suggestions page.

Registration and Onboarding Queries

Click Register to start your registration process. If you already have an Azure AD account, you will need to register your Azure AD account with the Development Portal.

If you do not have an Azure AD account, you will need to create one beforehand. Details of how to go about this can also be found on the Registration page.
To use the API Gateway, you need to subscribe to LIMOSS's API Common Services. Information can be found on the Registration and Onboarding page.

Technical Queries

This Portal holds a host of information both within the Get Started page and also within each of the published APIs.

Please have a look through the pages within the site and if there is anything specific you are looking for that is not easily available, get in touch with us, or let us know via the Suggestions page.
Please see the Technical Model page for code snippets, examples and links to code resources for Placing API Submission and Quote.

Note: Each API Standard will have its own Technical Model page for access to resources relevant to the API.
The Explore and Innovate page shows all APIs and we expect the catalogue to grow as we develop and release more APIs over time.

All the release information including the latest version can be found on the Key Details page within each published API. For example, the latest API version number for the Submission and Quote Placing API can be found on the Key Details page.

Access to the GitHub repository is available to registered users only. To register, please login or sign up to the Portal using the Registration page, and then click the link to link your GitHub account to the GitHub repository.
It is entirely at your organisation's discretion whether or not to update your implementation when fixes and changes are made to the APIs. However, we will always recommend that the latest API updates are applied.

We do this for 2 key reasons:
(1) Your APIs are up to date and benefit from new and improved API resources being made available; and
(2) You minimise the risk of API incompatibility with integrated partners that also maintain the latest API updates, especially where an update results in a breaking change, not directly resulting in a versioning of the API Standard.

Our API release notes will clearly identify any breaking changes that are apparent, where the impact of the change is, and what would be required to mitigate this.
Your credentials will be provided by LIMOSS at the time of onboarding (where you will receive your Application Id and User Secrets). Each of the credentials provided will be environment specific, i.e. one set will have to be applied for the following environments: Sandbox, Pre-Prod and Production.

Check out the Registration and Onboarding page for more information.
We are currently using Swagger or OpenAPI 3.0 for all our API Standards. For more technical information on the API Standard you require, please see the technical pages relevant to that API Standard.
An extensive list of all the response codes the API supports has been provided in the Base API Standard page.

The full list of Response Codes Rules by HTTP method can be found under the Appendices section of the Base API Standard page.

Test Environment Queries

The Sandbox and Pre-Production environments are both separate from Production and these can be used to test the APIs without affecting any Production data. A test account will need to be created for these environments, so as not to compromise a Production user account and the data quality of a user's activity.

In some cases, and with the upmost agreement with all integrating parties concerned, it is possible to use a separate user account within the Production environment for limited testing purposes. However, extreme care must be taken not to compromise the quality of Production data. In such circumstances, it is recommended that a new user account is setup and not to use an existing user account for testing purposes.
The Registration and Onboarding page has information regarding access to the APIs. You can contact us at the API Factory when you are ready to access the test environment and request to use the API test harness.
You can make API calls to the API endpoints using Postman scripts. Further details and example Postman scripts are available in the Lloyd's GitHub repository.

To link your Azure AD account to the Lloyd's GitHub repository, go to the Registration page to start the linking process.

Other Troubleshooting Queries

This type of problem generally occurs when either the local AD permissions interfere with guesting into the Common Services AD or logging in to Common Services AD without a UI.

If it is in the Common Services Azure AD, please contact LIMOSS. If there is any conflict issue with your own AD, you will need to contact your Azure AD administrator for assistance, who will then be able to liaise with Microsoft Azure to resolve the issue.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with setting up your user account, please contact us at the API Factory and one of our team members will be able to assist.
If you see an error message at the time of registering which says "Need admin approval", this implies that the administrator of your active directory domain has disabled non-admin users from consenting themselves to applications. These applications need to be consented by the tenant administrators themselves or this setting can be turned off in your active directory.
If you are experiencing any difficulties with implementing your code, adopting our code snippets or have any general technology queries with your API adoption, please contact us at the API Factory and one of our team members will be able to assist.