Placing API - Submission and Quote v⁠1

This API provides an interface into a placing service. It supports Brokers and Underwriters in submission and quotation processes, including exchange of documentation. Get full details of this API by exploring the areas below.

Overview and Key Information

Developer API Overview

What is this API and how does it work together?

Key Details on API

Latest Release Notes, Versions and Endpoint Information.

Developer Quick Start

Familiar with Swagger? - Explore API by Resource.


Business Process Model

Placing Business Processes and placing platform specific tasks.

Interaction Model

API Interactions across Resources, Actors and Methods.

Information Model

Information Model providing details on Data Models, Data Attributes and Data Constraints.

Resource Model

Resource Model providing full details on available Resources and Technical details of API execution.

Behaviour Model

Data Rules and API Behaviour Description.

Technical Model

Examples of code and code resources.