This page provides key information on the most recent Placing API release, endpoint information and provides access to candidate and development releases.


Production Releases

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Release Summary

This is the first release of the Placing APIs supporting the Submission and Quote components of the Placement process.

New Features

    • Retrieve information about Broker Departments and its Broker Users
    • Create Submissions and Submission versions
    • Update Submissions
    • Retrieve/View Submission Details
    • Delete Submissions
    • Upload Market Reform Contracts / Quote Documents to a Submission
    • Upload Supporting Documents to a Submission
    • Update document information
    • View document information and download document content
    • Suggest replacement documents for a Submission
    • Delete documents
    • Add approved Carriers (Markets) and Underwriters to a Submission
    • Update the Underwriter participating on a Submission
    • Remove a carrier (market) from participating on a Submission
    • Send Carriers a Request for Quote for a Submission
    • Send Brokers an Underwriter response: Either (i) Reject; (ii) Express an Interest; (iii) Request For Information; or (iv) Quote
    • Update Underwriter responses (in draft state) before sending to a Broker
    • Reference documents to be shared with the message recipient
    • Retrieve/Search Carriers (Markets) and Underwriter User Information


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Known Problems and Issues

  • The Error Description for ErrorCode [StringTooShort] is incorrect and appears to be incomplete. The message does not state the minimum number of characters that must be entered.
  • The Error Description for ErrorCode [StringTooLong] appears incomplete. The message does not specify the maximum number of characters that can be entered.

Endpoint Information

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Endpoint URL

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Previous Production Releases


Candidate Release

Candidate releases are packages of the API related files that are created automatically from our master development branch.

These official releases are an indicator to the API consumer that this API version, if proven to be stable enough and passes all levels of testing (both internally and externally will be in good standing to promote to Production.

There is less chance of a candidate release becoming out of date as any new functionality will be added to a subsequent development snapshot.

Depending on the nature of any bug fixes required in a candidate release, the candidate version will either be corrected or superseded with a new version for release.


Development Snapshots

Development snapshots are packages of the API related files that are created automatically from our master development branch.

These snapshots are not official by any means. Although these files would have undergone a certain level of automated testing, they would not have gone through a complete cycle of testing that is performed normally during any subsequent stages of deployment.

There is also an increased likelihood that development files will become out of date more frequently as new functionality and code fixes are applied.